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My name is Mona, I’m a pre-op, transgender gal and divorced twice. I love and live in Oregon State but am originally from Hollywood, California. I began this blog for the sole purpose of curiosity. I currently live with PTSD, Bi-Polar and Depression. I transitioned at the tender age of 14 and began H.R.T. (hormone replacement therapy) at 17. I’ve been married twice. Once to a female who was also a transgendered male, which resulted in our Daughter and once to a man.

The reason for my blog is to share my life experience which will hopefully help others in one way or another. I’ve tried social media on many occasions and it just hasn’t worked for me. I think that this type of forum is right for me and my intent. I know that because of society and is labels and compartmentalization that I was in fact born male. Regardless, I live as a woman without challenge what so ever. I’ve never been bashed or misgendered. Never been told I was in the wrong restroom. I have never been involved in fighting for any type of rights nor have I waited for approval to be who I am, And I make no apologies!

I belive that life is what you make it and not what others make it for you. I don’t say this with disregard for valid mental illnesses or the inability to life your life your own way. Therefore this blog will not focus solely on the FACT that I was born biologically male, nor what other people think or feel about it. It is very simple my life is led in a normal way just as any other gal. So sit back and read the drama if you dare and share if you feel, just please be polite! If you don’t have anything nice to say, please keep it to yourself or go somewhere else.

My life has had it’s share of bad relationships, addictions, crime and many sordid ordeals. People are people and we all strive to live a life that makes us happy. Well at least I attempt to each and every day.

I understand that my life isn’t what mainstream feel it should be but I am not concerned with this fact, nor let it interfere with my life’s goals. What I hope my reader will get from me is plain and simple. I’m just another gal!


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