Candid confessions “my life,my words, my journey”

 While I did a stint in the California department of Corrections I decided to write a tell all book about the life I spend four decades trying to figure life out.

 Abandoned at the age of one, near death, suffering from pneumonia and severe malnutrition…. Sexually molested by a trusted member of the family at the age of nine….discarded as a ward of the state at the age of twelve….

Christened William Randel aka Mona Marie survived a childhood only to struggle with abusive relationships with both men and women and to battle that which contributes to a life of crime and prostitution: alcoholism and drug addiction. It was Mona Marie’s harrowing journey to find peace of mind and her true identity.
“Candid Confessions: My Life, My Words and My Journey” is the true life account of William Randel’s transition—one that has spanned four decades. 
Transition, as many have learned, is not easy, nor is it instantaneous. As attested by those who have endured it, transition is most often filled with pain and suffering— pain and suffering that is clouded with low self esteem, confusion and questions that come with few answers.
“Candid Confessions” is the story on Mona Marie’s personal transition and painful search for truth and identity. Indeed, “Candid Confessions” is her life, her words— and her journey.
People have written stories that date back to ancient times. Many of these stories have provided readers with powerful insights into the reasons individuals behave in certain ways, it is necessary to examine the conflicts they face in their everyday lives. A conflict is a struggle with opposing forces. At times, these conflicts may be external— struggles with other persons, beasts or the environment. At other times, these conflicts are internal— struggles that individuals battle within themselves; conflicts involving one’s personality. Identifying the specific struggles enveloping one’s life can reveal the motivating factors that cause individuals to embark upon certain courses of action. In essence, reading the story of another’s life can stimulate the emotions that cause readers to change the way they think, live and react. For this reason, a great many readers prefer the words of non-fiction.
Non-fiction is literature about actual people and true-life events. As you are about to discover, my story offers a candid look at my real life struggles. I have always believed that what doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger. Life experiences create character and shape us into the men and women that we are forever becoming.
It is my desire that my life story will stimulate readers, resulting in a greater understanding and acceptance of the diversity in mankind, which in turn, will effect positive changes in the way people think about and react to each other. So as to provide readers with a sense of realism, many of the events in my life have been described in explicit detail. My intent is not to promote sexual confusion or deviation, nor is it to aid any type of sexual stimulation or gratification. My intent is to simply tell my story.
Ignorance, I believe, is one of the most dangerous threats against humanity. When we do not understand something, be it man or beast or environment, we normally react in a manner that is negative or self defeating rather than in a manner that would enhance positive decisions and opportunities to educate ourselves. We are a society of labels and stereo-types— a society that finds it much more fashionable to follow rather than lead. When we truly understand life, however, as well as our unique ability to influence, we most often elect to embark upon paths that enable us to lead instead of follow. By so doing, we make a difference in humanity as we know and live it.

 Here’s a sample of the read. it gives a pretty straight view into the life of a transgendered woman who at the age of 11 was discarded to the ward of the state because of a lack of responsibility to motherhood at the age of 15. Enjoy!


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