The world we live in today.

It pains me to see and know the people that are like me and have struggled for so many years, sometimes in silence, other times with abuse and neglect. Ive truly been a walking miracle to have survived everything that life has dealt me. Ive started this blog with the intent on finding other everyday trans women that are just trying to live a normal life and seem to always have a wrench thrown in there somehow. I share my life on here, hurts, anger, pains and real life experiences that a trans woman faces. these days at 55, I dont seem to have any real issues that affect me. But my past is a real different story. Id love to meet others who can understand and relate. I dont even have a family that aknowledges me. I know you guys are out there.


2 thoughts on “The world we live in today.

  1. Hi Mona, how are you finding the blog experience so far? You mentioned wanting to meet others who can understand and relate. I’m not trans but I’m totally accepting and respectful of everyone, and all nice people deserve happiness. Have you met some other bloggers who can also relate? I’m following another blog about a transgender woman, and in case you’re interested and haven’t found it yet, this is it: I know we’re not supposed to give links to our own blogs, but that’s a link to somebody else’s, so I hope you don’t mind my sharing it.

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