Food, pretty beneficial and precious..?

We have really gotten tired of the food issue here. It’s went on for three years or so now. My ex leaving was good but other things fell apart. Tonite, we were given a bowl of chicken soup and dinner rolls at seven, when we’re suppose to be in bed by then because Chris works so early that were in bed by 7pm. Nobody in this house of sixteen really cares or brothers with each other, there’s no communication. When my ex husband and I leased this house It was our home and we let our nephew and his girl move in. No it didn’t last. The same Issues like dishes, house chores, consideration went on, like now and eventually the arguing became intolerable and they moved. Then the weird stuff began. He wanted a second wife for us to share, Which was his brothers ex wife. Hmm. I tried, for what I thought at the time was love, again a game. Manipulated, pitted against each other and used. When he left, my so called sister wife moved her other daughter and her family to live here while they looked for a house. Nobody told me about credit inquiries, etc. So I didn’t know four years later they’d still be here and  taken over my home and have damaged and thrown or ruined my belongings and over step their boundries as guests. So for a late dinner, it sucks.  I want to say when I want to eat I don’t want to wait like a child. Plus our schedule conflicts. They doin’t seem to get it. This house want built for 16 people.  Good nite!

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