Alittle before 8AM

I’m finally up and the electricity is back on. Damn, I hate it when they do that. Today is Friday, I’m glad because its Chris’ weekend and we get to spend time together kicking back.

We don’t really have any plans for anything special but I do enjoy being with this man so much.

Were both on the same page, we don’t want marriage or a big commitment, but we want to be honest and respectful to each other. Such was out agreement at the beginning of our relationship.

Chris came into my life a round the time that my husband had been in jail and I was in the process of taking him off the lease and filing for divorce and selling his vehicles and establishing my life without him he’s a good man and so far we make very good companions and that’s really pretty much where we’re at. Were coming up on our two year anniversary… um excited! Yes! 

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