Days I was dazed

since I’ve retired from the porn industry, my life has drastically changed from a diva to an old maid. Lol.. But yes I really do enjoy just being myself and not playing dress up for a living.

I’ve grown up, gotten older, even feel aches and pains in the morning, eyes getting bad, etc.

But I can honestly say that the woman I am today isn’t in these photos I’m posting. I’ve came so far since I’ve retired. I have gotten to know who I really am.

I just wish those that are deciding to go the porn route, Dont! It’ll eat you alive and leaving you not knowing who you really are, numb and able to really feel.

You spend so much being someone for everyone…. but yourself.

And in the end, when you’re down, none of your fans will be around for you. Sure, they make you feel like a star. But its not real, just lust.

All photos 2018