Almost bedtime

all that’s left today is dinner. And its off to bed. Its like, man, 3:30am comes early. Gotta finish my movie, the new “It”.

Wondering why

Chris just got home from work at 2:39 and he’s already asleep. It sucks, like I never see him hardly. I don’t know if its me or what but I know I’m tired of waiting to be with him. Can’t even watch a movie without him falling out. We used to listen to music and dab and hang out and now he just wants to sleep. did I chase him off with my insecurities. Don’t knowfb_img_1497503250963-2138356642.jpg

Been looking at other blogs

I kinda been looking around to get an idea about blogging. I think it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. A place where I can vent, share and hopefully meet other like-minded people that can I can share and learn with. My life isn’t an exciting one.I came out many years ago and don’t have any problems in my life in regards to bring trans. However my life has been complicated, unfair and very unstable at times. But 2018 it’s proving to be created toward many victories and happiness. Hope to hear from others soon.


Beware of faux!

It was suppose to be blonde, not red, and the description said it was human hair, ugh! But as toy can see, wish didn’t make my wish cine true. On A different note, things here at home are mellowing out. Another month and six period are moving out. One more step to gaining control of my house again after so many years. I’m happy about that.

I’ve been in Oregon for about twelve years and have never lived without family members being here. I’ve lost alot, there’s been damage to my house, and its been a nightmare. I’m glad its almost over.