Another day!

Just got up, its almost nine am and its time to do my daily routine. I’ve got my room to clean dishes to do laundry to do I’ve got to check the mail probably jump in the bath and wait for my boo to get home from work it’s almost Friday so far things in the house seem to be mellowed out a bit and everything seems to be running smooth I’ve got about a month left before everybody moves and then they’ll only be 6 of us left here my sister-in-law and her daughter my daughter and her son and my boo and I then it’s time to get to work to figure out how we’re going to keep this house clean and everyone is going to have to be considerate and respectful to the next person behind them that includes the bathroom the kitchen and any common area in the house other than your bedroom. People seem to think that I am such a bitch but it’s not that at all it’s the fact that at 55 I have a ton of people in my house and no one wants to help clean my towels and dishes disappear and the house is always a mess but I’m always downstairs in my basement bedroom so we’ll see I’m sure that 2018 is going to be the best year yet hope everyone has a good day.

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