Sad and dissatisfying

Damn, I hate having to put cameras all over the house because nobody admits to anything that happens, people sneaking people in the house at nite, dishes not being washed, on and on…


Decisions! Social media! People!

After careful thought and consideration, I decided to drop all social media and stick with word press blogging. I’ll keep my other apps because I do use them for other reasons. But I will no longer be posting on Facebook. Only one our two ever respond to anything I post, so why even bother. So, I won’t. If out of curiosity you wonder what I’m up to, it’ll be posted on my blog instead!


Later Facebook!

2018 is the game changer!

I hate these mornings!

So this morning I get up at 3 as always. And I find trash on the floor from the dogs. its been a year I’ve tried to teach my 27 year old to pick up nite, and down in the morning when you get up

  • I’m so tired of the “I forgot”. Kids are so self entitled. They don’t lock the door when they leave, they eat other peoples food, and just will not listen.Hair build up in the shower, no one wants to dig it out. Tampons left on top of trash for dogs to eat and get sick. Dirty dishes left in sink.
  • So, I placed a few reminders for her to quit forgetting:
  • Its really frustrating to have to baby sit and adult that just won’t learn. I give up.