Another day in my basement!

I actually love my little room down here. I even have my own entrance, lol. I’ve had my hands full with my adult daughter that’s staying with me lately, no the past year. She won’t listen to me, and I’m only trying to help her grow up. I feel like she really hates me, but says she doesn’t. She’s a beautiful young woman, with loads to learn. But it won’t be by be because she won’t listen. She had me so upset yesterday that even taking my blood pressure medication, it was still way high when I went to my drs. appointment. All these issues affect my relationship with my boyfriend because it upsets him. I really am about to save and move, find a little trailer in a nice park and rent it. I want my own life back and don’t want to continue trying to help someone that doesn’t respect me at all. Oh well, rants and raves definitely won’t change that.

There’s days I don’t even want to see anyone. I’ve even started cooking down here, washing my dishes at 2:30-3:00am and getting my chores done before anyone even gets up. Life sucks at times but it always gets better.