I wonder if they know or have a clue.

I wonder if they know the countless hours I’ve spent in my basement crying and feeling so overwhelmed. The many days I spend thinking about the way things should be versus the way they are. Do they even wonder how important it is to me to make a difference in their life, to help them succeed, help prevent them from making mistakes I’ve already made. I guess I spend alot of time wondering….

Do they even know who I really am or do they still see me for who I used to be many years ago.

I’ve spent four decades growing up and am still growing up. I’ve had to learn to communicate and control my anger. Also make better and wiser choices for my life. But most important, I’ve learned so many things from crocheting, quilting to using tools and building rooms, deck,tables,chairs,pickling and canning, making jelly and Jam.


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I wonder if they will ever know who I am and what my intentions are. sometimes others have a way of never seeing through anyone else’s eyes but their own. Its a sad realization that I carry every day of my life.

Reminds me of an old song, “if you don’t know me by now, you will never, never, know me, no you won’t…..”

I suspect that that will be my lot in life, the greatest accomplishment of my life, turning out to be the greatest failure. But no regrets, I’ve already created a legacy that have reached over two million people already am who I am because of all my life experiences. I chose to educate and communicate, rather than participate and negate.

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