Always comes to an end….

So the weekend came and left about as fast as the food on my plate. But it was a relaxing weekend that Chris and I spent.


Its been quiet around the house which is nice. My daughter is at work, don’t see much of her around here. She’s only upstairs, but in her own world.

Finally made time to finish the quilt I made for Chris with his old band and tour tee shirts.


Boo got off work early so while he’s napping I’m going to get a few things done before dinner.

Again, an effort had been twarted. We recently decided to chill and prepare our meals down here since dinner up there is always to late for us and we get to bed early for boo to work. Anyway, now when we want to cook, there’s others doing laundry.. .. damn it! Can’t ever just go smooth. So, now a new rule: no laundry after five.


Those are are tables to put are cooking late and dinner on.