Good morning world!


Today will be a great day! “Let it be.” Half the week is already over, whew! Its 6:45, been up since 3:00am spending time with Chris before he goes to work. Already have the dishes washed, trash emptied, bedroom cleaned and my new hair extensions bonded in. And laundry going. Finish my cup of coffee… Ready, set, stay home, don’t pass go. The story of my life. Really isn’t anywhere to go or do. And as far as getting to know people. Nope! Just not a good area to get involved with the type of people around here. Its a beat up little drug infested town with nothing going on but crime and drugs….. Meth!


Went upstairs already and it all seems clean and everything is put away, trash can picked up so dogs don’t get in it. Hope its a peaceful day with no drama.

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