Looking back at time.

As I sit here thinking about the last three years and what I have been through, how it impacted my life, caused growth and taught me about boundaries. I’ve lived my life by principles, and have alway’s believed action spoke louder than words….

2018 justanothergal.org

So, what I’m trying to say is i have no room inside me anymore for anger, fear or ill will feelings towards my ex husband. No, it doesn’t mean what he did i have accepted or have totally forgiven, but as I said, I live my life by principles. I choose to think about all that I learned in the thirteen years we were together. Everything from using skill saws, building decks, chairs, growing gardens, how to chrochet and can tomatoes and make jelly and jams. I guess I feel, if I had to say I felt anything now, it would be Pity for a very sick individual who will more than likely never recieve the mental treatment he needs and will die a lonely old man with nothing.

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