To label or not.

Its 4:45 am and Boo just left for work. I’m excited today because im receiving a call today from a gal i met off my blog. It makes me happy to know that there are others like myself in this confused world that are open to networking and helping one another to overcome.
Being transgendered in a would full of labels brings a sour taste to my mouth. I’ve never labeled myself, but for the sake of society and ignorance, I’m transgendered. However I wonder what label really actually is appropriate for me. Since so many actually fit. I’m pre-op, non-op, pansexual and I can go on and on….. they’re just words people make up to catagorise and place people in stereo typical drawers. I don’t buy it. I’ve always been me. Label or not, they don’t define my choice of lifestyle.