I dont hate the bullies I JUST HATE ME

I can totally relate to your feelings and think you put it perfect. be well, talk soon…mona



I have never hated anyone or anything apart from myself, for what I am (male), what I am not (female), for what I have (him and his brains (dick)).

I do not hate the bully who picked on me for seeing I was wearing my Sisters underclothes when I was 5 years old. Bullying me and deliberately pushing me down into a corner of a wall  leaving me unconscious for a few minutes, giving a two inch scar and stitches on my right eyebrow.

I do not hate the bullies when at 11 and after I was forced to do PE, undressing and again I was wearing my sisters underclothes and had my toenails painted, started to stab me often with maths compasses in my arms, legs, back and kidneys on a daily basis.

I do not hate the bully who still held a grudge against me for being different…

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