Great way to end the weekend!

Normal wakeup in the morning, not. I checked my blood sugar and it was 151, Damn, I cant stop the metformin that keeps it down in the first place, I’ve lost the weight, I still have high blood pressure and am almost diabetic, Shit. A few weeks ago I tried to stop all the meds I thought that I didn’t need anymore. One was my anti-depressant and the other was the metformin to keep my blood sugar low. So, yes I smoke, I like a beer or two now and then and I am going blind. Shit, Great way to end the weekend with the sad realization that I am really just an old bitch these days. yep! ol bitch. Cant enjoy the simple things in life like a beer and a smoke.


3 thoughts on “Great way to end the weekend!

    1. I know, but from time to time i do stupid things and think I’m miraculously healed and don’t need the needs. Bad habit, I know. How you’re doing well, remember YOU do have magic, its in the words from life’s experiences that you speak. *hugs*

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