As I sit here I think to myself and wonder if anyone ever imagines a little old woman online that has that blog, sitting on her bed with a mountain of pillows holding her aching body up, glasses on, phone in hand…. ready to blog.

Jeesh, the days go by fast. I’ve watched generations grow up, relationships start and end and people live and die.

There has got to be a reason I’m here, somehow I matter. I’m suppose to be doing something to make a difference.

Bullshit! Folks don’t want to hear you, they don’t like to hear the truth. They seek advice, then shun your very words.

Skin! I say. Its all about the skin you wear. You see I wear mine nice and thick. The thin skinned don’t survive in this bias, phobic, ignorant or know- it -all world. It takes a thick skin to walk this walk. Its not an act, its not an emotion or attitude. Its a fact. Now I know, some are going to say that’s easy for her to say.

NO, its not. Its actually disheartening for me to see and realize. That so many lack the one essential thing, that is, the realization that if you don’t do it, no matter what, its not going to happen. Why wait?, why struggle?, why worry? Why? why? why?

Anyway at some point you’ll look back and say damn I wish I, I should have, if I only would have and on and on and on.

Easy, I didn’t say it like that, wait, yes I did. Now go do it and stop thinking about what Phobic Fred, Nosey Nancy and Jealous Janice are gonna think about it. Because they always do and you already know it right? Well, get on, go get it started…

The sooner people realize that they need to simply do what it is they feel they need to do and do it, the sooner they actually begin to live. Really live life as it was meant to be lived.

No baby its not text book. Its life experience. With every year that goes by, a wee amount of wisdom is deposited into your spirit man….

So, I’d say better get over it and into it, before it don’t matter anymore.

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