There’s always something…

Woke up at 2:15am, and yes of course the dryer still had laundry from yesterday morning at 8 am. Don’t understand why People can’t just get the shit done. Its called common courtesy, consideration umm respect. No, not in this house. Its gotten to the point that everyone has their own agenda and rarely realizes they live in some one else’s home. Its 4:58am now and im still irritated. Trolling the forums, reading the sad shit people write. Damn, if my life only dealt with the fact that I’m trans…. If only, but not! Sure, I pluck a hair or two, shave my under arms maybe once a month, never need to shave my legs baby silk smooth. And my make up, tattooed on. Yep, no time for the whole trans issue. Too many other pressing matters to tend to and put my energy towards. Besides, I think I said already, IDGAF what anyone thinks. Walk in my shoes first……

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