Update on social media….

So as I think I may have said before I’m new to the social media, never been involved in it much. But recently I decided to give it a shot. Damn! Its like pulling teeth to get people to talk to you. Everyone seems to have their Own favorite friends or their own clicks and I seem to just get ignored, no wait, maybe I’m not a likable person. there’s got to be something about me that makes people not want to be social with me. I’m not awkward, I don’t have a problem going out and I know I pass, I’m friendly, respectful, but fuck, its like as if I were a leper or something, maybe I stink, stink at talking to people or just stink? But you can’t smell over WiFi… At least its how it makes me feel. I just registered my domain to blog and I’m ready to quit. What reason do I want to waste my time sharing with nobody but my self. Oh me oh my, my brain hurts? Yea it hurts. My Bf tells me….. maybe they already knew each other. Yeah right, all of them? I think people are snotty at times and just don’t want to let you or give you a chance. My oh my again and again. Not an Amen, more like oh my! Or maybe they want to be the one the attention is always on, who knows,I sure as hell don’t.

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