Explosion erupts…

I just could not hold back today and let it all out today. As some know my 27 year old daughter and her son came to live with me a year ago. And since the beginning she has done everything I have asked her not to do. Including moving a guy in she met on the Internet. She got a job, but is now supporting the guy she brought to my house. To make it worse she is getting behind on her rent and she has continued to be irresponsible with her money, even canceling her auto insurance just because she wanted to spend money.
I feel so disappointed in her, my biggest accomplishment has become my biggest failure. she hasn’t grown up and does not have the sense of responsibility and is co dependent on this boy. She comes running home to mama when things get rough then while at home makes the same mistake and brings a man to sleep in her moms living room and continue to disrespect everyone in the house including herself by trying to get pregnant, wasting her money and not paying bills or help out in the house, etc. she wasn’t raised like this. I taught her better. But she told me she has to learn the hard way. Fine, but not in my house though. We just don’t get along and she will not give me the chance to be a mother. Is it because im trans, no way! Has nothing to do with it. Parenting isn’t an easy task. I didn’t bring her home from the hospital with a manual. This has put a strain between my bf and I because he’s so tired of hearing the drama. He’s not a family man and does not Care for children. So this day went to shit and I’m still waiting for my Valium to get in. What A tired life I live.I just want it to end already, like yesterday.

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