Easy did it…

just another day, just another gal!



Today I am comfortable in my skin. I’m not comfortable with the rest of life’s shit. No I’m not feeling like hurting myself or suicidal. Its just that since I began picking up the pieces almost three years ago, I didn’t have any idea what exactly that entailed, Nor how hard it  would be. Yes, I’ve learned a great deal, I’ve confronted my own demons, I’ve began correcting many flaws and making better decisions. I am conscious of my health and do what is necessary to ensure I am healthy as can be. And yes, I did it for me. because nobody else was going to do it for me. I am very happy with my life and I enjoy being the woman that I am, in spite of the many other opinions the world has to offer. I’ve demanded respect where there was none, I did what was needed to be done when nobody else would. I’ve given to the point I have nothing more to give. I’ve been stepped on, abused, treated like an outcast by family, taken advantage by so called friends and even better have extended a hand in kindness, only to be then advantage of. I’ve still managed to try and make sense of this sick twisted planet and the species that live on it. In conclusion, I can’t make sense of it. NO, I’m not gonna continue to try because I have learned that people are people. Simple.

I am the woman I am because I choose to be and I choose it each and every day. Walk A mile in my shoes, I’d have to say. Are you man or woman enough to?  It really doesn’t matter! Point is I make a choice every day to exist and cannot afford to care. Care what others choose to think and feel. Too much is at stake.  Sink Or swim? We all face it in life. Nobody can make that choice but you and you alone.

I’ll admit, its fucking hard to do right, be right and act right in a world where everyone else is going the opposite direction. Why bother? oh, believe me I won’t bother. But I will be! Be me, as I choose to be.

I choose to be a survivor not a victim, I will not be shoved in a box, a pretty label attached. I will not have self-pity on myself and with that being said I will also say I will not let the twisted minds of others invade my space, not prey upon my emotional need to make a difference and my voice be heard. Uh, sorry but no thank you, see ya! I’m out! Laterz……

Other than that, its a wonderful day to be all the woman I can be, only because I have the balls to. Have A nice day!

2 thoughts on “Easy did it…

    1. You see, you are a magical fairy and don’t you ever forget it honey. The magic is in
      your true wisdom and the keen ability to articulate that in words. Thereby, creating a magical experience of realization. Thank you fairy godmother!

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