Way to early and nothing’s changed!

Had a great evening with my Boo watching movies and relaxing while I have him home. Didn’t really get out for anything special, but it’s cold out so why bother?

I started trolling the social media again and to my disappointment, nothing has changed. It always makes me realize why I didn’t grow up in the same circle as everyone else like me did.

I really get the impression that it is almost impossible to actually make any real connection on these sites like tumblr, twitter, pinterest, path etc. Seems like all anyone is talking about is sex, fellatio and being tired of being sexted, talking about how we’re all in this together, and support other gals, trans community, etc. BUT…. blah! blah! blah! is all anyone seems to do, as well as ignore those that really try.

I’ve tried numerous times to be social and everyone is wrapped up in their own shit and take no real time to a aknowledge anyone they don’t know. How sad that this sort of hypocrisy still affects our community.  this prevents us from having any real monumental victories. Yes, im trans, but its not a fault that I came out at 14 and am quite over the whole voice, hormone therapy, passing or not thing. I really don’t let other people dictate my life, how i live my life or what I choose to do in life.  No I don’t want thousands of followers that I’ll never talk to or help, influence, befriend or wed. But still, holy shit people, you say one thing and do another. Personally very few really seem to care about the real people looking for comfort, encouragement, and  people to sincerely talk to. Its pathetic that our society is in this state.

And that people are so unkind, self centered and lack genuine empathy, compassion for other people. I’d rather have one follower that I got to know and enjoyed a good conversation than to have hundreds that I don’t know or even talk to. Really? Yeah! And why bother to comment on how people harass you for sex but you talk about sucking cock, really tacky if you ask me. As well as hypicritacal!

Then on the other side you have the people that cry to everyone about help then when you open you’re mouth to try and encourage them, they then get ballistic and somehow twist it around as if you were doing something wrong. As if others don’t understand where their coming from. Somehow judging them. NOT!

I think its ugliness!

I’m learning that people have their own self interested motives on here and its not what they always profess.

Many are throwing cliche’s around to fall into a certain group or click. Wow!

No wonder my life was silently spent in the confines of normal heterosexual individuals. I was given a wonderful opportunity to live a life free of the social stigma that our community is cursed with. I’ve tried to understand, but obviously there are no true representatives of the transgendered community to be found. SAD! UGLY! SELFISH! No wonder people hate us so much.

I’d rather be just another gal!


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