Easy decisions, Maybe yes…

Well, today is a day that I think that the pedal finally has hit the metal. As some readers may know the battle with my adult daughter has been a constant distraction in my life as a disruption to the other tenants that reside here at this property. As I previously stated her and I had agreements that she has not stuck to and even tries to blame me for the same thing. She has changed her mind about her living arrangements so many times and has completely gone against everything I tried to tell her to prevent this debt she has managed to accumulate. But to no avail, your child sometimes always almost knows more than you.

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Some history, This a daughter that grew up with both a trans mother and father and fully understood and accepted it at the age of 7. BUT, She also grew up hearing her Mother screaming about not wanting children and that it was my kid, my responsibility, etc. So I did it, went to work, came home and tended to my daughter and even made dinner and cleaned the house. All while she /he laid in the unmade bed all day with one hand in her sweats and the other with the TV remote in her hand. AND, she still favored him over me and neither one of us were any better of a parent when she was a child, only I accepted the responsibility of my daughter and she didn’t.

When she asked to come home it was after 12 years of silence and not a word from her. She didn’t want anything to do with me and made it clear. But when she called and asked to come home I let her, along with a few agreements, in which she has broken every one of them.


We have managed to reach an amicable agreement. The family of Six moved to their new house, now we’re down to only 9 of us here in the house. My daughter had already moved down here in the basement and is going to build her apt like my ex and I did on this side. And has decided to stay here and confront her demons and grow up.

So at the end of the day, I can say that I am actually happy.