Haven’t fallen of the earth yet….

Its been a trying time for me this last month. I was bit with a ride awakening to the fact that a person whom I entrusted to handle bills has continually misappropriated money and has not paid bills for months at a time.

I was definitely almost to an irrecoverable state.

I’ve had to resort to removing her from the lease to stop her bad decisions with the owner of our property we lease.

Its horrible to put so much trust on an individual only to be literally shit on. Rent is also back up to a grand a month until we are caught up again! Thanks to her decision to use our rent money on an iTunes card scam. Damn it! No its not because I’m trans, lol life’s just a bitch!

I think it’s time

I think I finally have made it to the point after almost three years picking up pieces of my life, to be able to confidently say that I am genuinely, really happy now. This life of mine has taken many shapes and forms.

I began writing this about three weeks ago and decided to put it on hold in lieu of everything that has taken place in a matter of weeks. I recently found out that my sister-in-law has been misappropriating funds and that bills were not being paid,  something that has happened for quite some time, and then it went as far as the rent not being paid, which jacked us back up to 1000.00 a month instead of 750.00.so there was kind of a fall out here between her and I and I kind of had to make some changes regarding the payment of bills and who would have control over certain monies and I think we’re on the right track now but wow, I mean I’m so happy and and really do like the transition and everything that has taken place. My daughter is currently remodeling next door and has managed to get the ceilings up and it painted. So she’s ending up with a pretty good decent little room down there with her own bedroom as well as her bedroom for her son she’s came along way and she’s doing great.

I know I came to a dead Halt with my writing but as life goes on sometimes there are just distractions that prevent me from Actually taking the time to write something that would have any positive or any type of a message that would benefit anybody that reads it anyway however I think I’m back I think I’ll tell you about my baby’s that are growing so big.