Mary, How does your garden grow?

These days the drama has ceased and ive been able to do me for a change.

Recently changed the eyes to blue…ahh vanity!


2 thoughts on “Mary, How does your garden grow?

  1. I’m doing pretty good I’ve been going to my ups and down with the house so people misappropriated many but I don’t know I’m trying to do well and yes growing that stuff here in Oregon has been legal for a couple years now they just have a limit on how many at a time you grow. Awesome about your surgery!!!!!! Hugs lady!


  2. Glad your fingers are getting green. But…is that ummm stuff you CAN grow??? lol. How are you and the family hun? Waiting for my second appointment to discuss surgery hopefully. Im already in unicorn mode lolz… Fairy love and carehugs xxxxoooxxx

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