Taking four decades to grow up….SUCKS!

My life hasn’t always been what it is today, I’ll get to that a bit later. My mother gave me to the state at 11 years old which resulted in me landing in Hollywood, California. Of course it didn’t take long to learn how to survive on the streets. It was a dog eat dog. I found myself in a world of prostitution which led to robbery. All fueled with alcohol and drugs which I learned was a way to do the things I did to survive.

I’ve been shot at, stabbed, piped and even had five men kick the shit out of me in the alley.

My life took many turns. I did porn for 13 years doing live video, even ran a website. I later began the escort business. Frankly its great money for your time.

I’ve had Many bad relationships that were abusive in everyway imaginable. This Nov 25th will make three years since my ex husband left this house and I’ve been sober and have spent these three years picking up the shattered pieces and putting my life back together.

Today I have regained control in my home, in my life and in my relationships. One might say I’m living the good life…… but a grateful one.

But there are still moment I feel empty and like something’s missing, almost like a bored feeling. I have many things to be happy about my new life and new experiences. My Dr. Told me subconsciously I’m missing the abuse and turmoil. It’s gotten so much better and not very often now. I guess you can say that I’ve finally moved on, grew up and am for the first time in 56 years I can say I know what life was meant to be.

Just another gal!

A fantasy is sometimes better left a fantasy!

So today we decided on the way home to stop at a porn shop, it’s been a long time fantasy oh his. So we walk around and look at all the toys and everything they had to sell.

Well we made or way to the back where the movies were at in one of them little booths.

So happens the room we chose was the 5.00 room which includes blinds on one sideand a glory hole on the other.

Needlessly to say, I was kinda drawn to the idea and could feel the tension between my legs begin to grow.

So we’re not really into the porn, but hey why not have a quicky, right?…….

So I pull the little cushion seat to the wall positioned to see the porn and him behind me. He wasn’t into the poem, nor was I.

But thing are getting really good and I look up in front of me and through the little hole that I really paid no mind to at first, I see am man all lubed up and stroking, when he seen me notice home he started to stick it through the hole…….

No baby I’m with my man!

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I simply told him “baby some fantasies are better left just that.”

A moment of clarity

Let me start by making it very clear that I’m not blonde! I’ve been good to people, taking them in several times even after they’ve stolen the first time they moved out. I’ve given responsibility to individuals to handle bills and have been totally ripped off! After all of it I am left with the vast amounts of trash that had been ignored and neglected. Hell, once upon a time I was a drug addict, whore, alcoholic, ran a drug house and have pushed my shit in a basket up and around Hollywood areas, only to ditch it for a fast trick.
My life isn’t a secret. I’ll be dead and gone but many will continue to stroke to my porn on many sites even today. But I’m not and very far from stupid. I’ll always be a step ahead of you haters. ALWAYS! I walk my talk but have met numerous two faced, self seeking, dirty people that have only ran their mouth and not yet learned one basic rule: about biting the hand that feeds you. Burning bridges…. Hell, now my daughter and I will rule this mansion of pure shit and peace and will love the fact that all the toxic waste is gone. Kudos baby girl. WE got this!

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Starting over and over… Again …

It’s been a rough road to follow these past few years. A divorce, our home being taken over by people that were given a chance to get their stuff together and family not wanting to be respectful, considerate.

I’ve redone the Attic. Thanks to my daughter and fiance’.

And it’s never looked better.

Filthy people always ruin a good home.

Only respectful people allowed!

Living in a home with many people really sucks. I don’t believe in community living. It’s my house and certainly my rules.

When you are a guest you don’t throw things away your don’t like, you don’t take on borders to create an income rather than work. And if all you’re going to do is lie, cause bills to rise, not pay bills and be inconsiderate. You got to leave!

I’ve had to use cameras to monitor people and I’m simple tired. All my boxes in the Attic are gone. My sister in law is missing quite a few things she had packed up in the Attic. And the amount of dishes and trash built up in the storage area of the Attic. Well I’m happy to say I got my house back! Everyone is gone. Hurray!

Changes to bring peace.

It’s really nice when you open up your home two unemployed individuals and families that have their house foreclosed but it really isn’t very nice when all you’re left with is a big nasty mess. garbage, lack of responsibility and the mindset that life consists only on self-serving selfishness and in consideration to the other people around them.. you all know who you are! But I am very thankful that I have finally gotten rid of everyone of the irresponsible, childish, immature leeches and my house will not fall.

It’s an honor having known: Alisha Hal’s, Malinda Baily, Tim Good man, Wendy Exceen, Ariel Clayton and the rest of the trash.