You know it’s bad when you have eyes open ….. Always!

Starting over and over… Again …

It’s been a rough road to follow these past few years. A divorce, our home being taken over by people that were given a chance to get their stuff together and family not wanting to be respectful, considerate.

I’ve redone the Attic. Thanks to my daughter and fiance’.

And it’s never looked better.

Filthy people always ruin a good home.

Only respectful people allowed!

Living in a home with many people really sucks. I don’t believe in community living. It’s my house and certainly my rules.

When you are a guest you don’t throw things away your don’t like, you don’t take on borders to create an income rather than work. And if all you’re going to do is lie, cause bills to rise, not pay bills and be inconsiderate. You got to leave!

I’ve had to use cameras to monitor people and I’m simple tired. All my boxes in the Attic are gone. My sister in law is missing quite a few things she had packed up in the Attic. And the amount of dishes and trash built up in the storage area of the Attic. Well I’m happy to say I got my house back! Everyone is gone. Hurray!