A moment of clarity

Let me start by making it very clear that I’m not blonde! I’ve been good to people, taking them in several times even after they’ve stolen the first time they moved out. I’ve given responsibility to individuals to handle bills and have been totally ripped off! After all of it I am left with the vast amounts of trash that had been ignored and neglected. Hell, once upon a time I was a drug addict, whore, alcoholic, ran a drug house and have pushed my shit in a basket up and around Hollywood areas, only to ditch it for a fast trick.
My life isn’t a secret. I’ll be dead and gone but many will continue to stroke to my porn on many sites even today. But I’m not and very far from stupid. I’ll always be a step ahead of you haters. ALWAYS! I walk my talk but have met numerous two faced, self seeking, dirty people that have only ran their mouth and not yet learned one basic rule: about biting the hand that feeds you. Burning bridges…. Hell, now my daughter and I will rule this mansion of pure shit and peace and will love the fact that all the toxic waste is gone. Kudos baby girl. WE got this!

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