A fantasy is sometimes better left a fantasy!

So today we decided on the way home to stop at a porn shop, it’s been a long time fantasy oh his. So we walk around and look at all the toys and everything they had to sell.

Well we made or way to the back where the movies were at in one of them little booths.

So happens the room we chose was the 5.00 room which includes blinds on one sideand a glory hole on the other.

Needlessly to say, I was kinda drawn to the idea and could feel the tension between my legs begin to grow.

So we’re not really into the porn, but hey why not have a quicky, right?…….

So I pull the little cushion seat to the wall positioned to see the porn and him behind me. He wasn’t into the poem, nor was I.

But thing are getting really good and I look up in front of me and through the little hole that I really paid no mind to at first, I see am man all lubed up and stroking, when he seen me notice home he started to stick it through the hole…….

No baby I’m with my man!

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I simply told him “baby some fantasies are better left just that.”