Taking four decades to grow up….SUCKS!

My life hasn’t always been what it is today, I’ll get to that a bit later. My mother gave me to the state at 11 years old which resulted in me landing in Hollywood, California. Of course it didn’t take long to learn how to survive on the streets. It was a dog eat dog. I found myself in a world of prostitution which led to robbery. All fueled with alcohol and drugs which I learned was a way to do the things I did to survive.

I’ve been shot at, stabbed, piped and even had five men kick the shit out of me in the alley.

My life took many turns. I did porn for 13 years doing live video, even ran a website. I later began the escort business. Frankly its great money for your time.

I’ve had Many bad relationships that were abusive in everyway imaginable. This Nov 25th will make three years since my ex husband left this house and I’ve been sober and have spent these three years picking up the shattered pieces and putting my life back together.

Today I have regained control in my home, in my life and in my relationships. One might say I’m living the good life…… but a grateful one.

But there are still moment I feel empty and like something’s missing, almost like a bored feeling. I have many things to be happy about my new life and new experiences. My Dr. Told me subconsciously I’m missing the abuse and turmoil. It’s gotten so much better and not very often now. I guess you can say that I’ve finally moved on, grew up and am for the first time in 56 years I can say I know what life was meant to be.

Just another gal!

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