Ignorance is a disease!

First off, there’s this gal we’ll call Katrina. She seems to have a problem with me and was going to point me out in here workplace…when I brought the owners attention as to an employee was using social media to talk about me in a negative light and was not work related to point me out in a store, the owner sided with her and was going to ban me, for what? Its a phobia issue.

Today i was kicked from my neighborhood watch, by the admin who is besties with Katrina…., well cal her Tanya.

I simply post a question as to why I was referred to as a he-she thing” and that my daughter read it and felt bad. Is this what neighborhood watch is all about, it sucks balls.

It all started by someone on my corner mowing there lawn too early. Someone, Tanya, asked Katrina if the pedophile still lived there and Katrina responded with no but the “he she thing” does.

And I see this bitch Katrina every time I shop grocery outlet…..

Sometimes I umm, just hate all people!

I think she’s jealous cause I look better and am much older:

You’re an ugly woman with a black heart!

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