Over it! New M. O.

We’re all finally happy, here in the house. There’s been alot of wrong doing and chaos brought from friends and family. People trashing their area, not cleaning up after themselves. It’s been rough but have finally got rid of everyone. Sure its made me popular. Had a text that called me an old hag and grow up. Now this is coming from a gall that has no knowledge of the issues. No time to play with kids. My sister in law was out 1800.00 and doesn’t want to press charges, oh well, it’s not my family and she’ll never live here again. Had to block my social media from all of them. No time to deal with children’s smarty mouths nor the keyboard warrior.

Now the task at home is renovations!

I wonder does all this bad luck come because I’m labeled trans?

I have this gall throwing the “he she thing” in my city’s neighborhood watch and my daughter was so upset when she read it. I’m really just another gall, nor up for options.