Shit hole in a crack!

I know, I know, I just have the feeling I’m the most talked about person in this little shit hole town in Oregon. Obviously these kind of people haven’t been in the real world for some time, trapped in their little backwards town. Ha! Ya’all Didn’t see me coming hmm….lol And hella to the mo fo NO, I ain’t leaving! You push, I’ll push harder…. Yeah yeah, I know, in the end we’ll see who pushed harder! That’s so funny even saying that because I’ve pushed since I dropped into this shit hole crack in the state and no one will dictate to menor define my world. I’ve got just as much right as any other individual in this entire state!!

It really is hilarious how so many people let their fear of the unknown scare them into so many twisted ideas and opinions a need even behavior. I say….. I’m just another gal, luck rocks, step!


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