My Innocence

No more than a child;

Just nine years of age.

A heart full of innocence;

A mind of rage.

I trusted you Father;

To life me and care.

Always keeping our secret;

That I couldn’t share.

Confused and afraid;

Yet left wanting more.

No more than a child;

But years later a whore.

I gave you my body;

What else could I do.

No more than a child;

That didn’t have a clue.

Many years have passed;

But the memories still live.


Afraid to trust;

Unable to give.

No more than a child;

Betrayed by my dad.

Still missing the father;

I wished I’d had.

One that’d love

And nurture his son.

But I know now dad;

What’s done is done.

I trusted and loved you;

And for this was betrayed.

The day the perverted foundation was laid.

I’ve forgiven you dad;

For the wrong that you did;

But I’ll never forget;

My life as your kid.

No more than a child;

My innocence was lost;

You molested me father;

And I paid the cost.