Setting the record straight!

Let’s set the record straight for the haters. Recently had my hormonal levels checked to see just where I was at in regards to the woman that I am.

Evergreen Family Medicine

Patient Name: Mona Rios
Date of Birth: 05/03/1962

ESTRADIOL 02/11/2019 (#14656237, Final, 02/08/2019 8:12am)

Note to Patient Hormone levels are appropriate
Report Result Ref. Range Units Status Lab
ESTRADIOL 145.6 . pg/mL Normal Final
Adult Female:
Follicular phase 12.5 – 166.0
Ovulation phase 85.8 – 498.0
Luteal phase 43.8 – 211.0
Postmenopausal <6.0 – 54.7
1st trimester 215.0 – >4300.0
Girls (1-10 years) 6.0 – 27.0
Roche ECLIA methodology
Performed at: SE – LabCorp Seattle
550 17th Avenue Ste 300, Seattle, WA 981225789
Lab Director: Daniel Toweill MD, Phone: 2068617000
Copies To:

Test referred from Mercy Medical Center Laboratory Roseburg, OR 97471

Viewing Mona Rios

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So, do your research ladies before you put someone down. You shave your legs and underarms. I don’t! Hormones! Haters. At 57 I’m still not at the level of menopause for testosterone. So who’s the women… versus ignorance at it’s best.

“According to levels I’m either ovulating it in my first trimester”….lol women!

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