Getting old sucks!

As many know, these past three and a half years have been spent cleaning up. Getting rid of people that were only causing bills to increase and/our didn’t work. As well as people that didn’t want to participate in the general responsibilities of the property. I am proud to say that the property’s overall appearance have made a 180 %.

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After three and a half years i can see the mad progress that has been made with all my effort and hard work. As well as the support of a loving man that has really changed my life for all the right reasons.

During this transition there have been many realizations, discoveries and much thought on my age. I admit that i do see the age setting in subtly. My eye sight isn’t getting any better. Already wear bifocals and just recently found out i have several cataracts in both eyes. I’m going on close to a year of no alcohol at all and my function tests are considerably lower and i feel some what better.

Now the sciatica issue doesn’t seem to be getting any better with every year that passes. Talk about constant pain. Yuk! So, in a nutshell, the realization that you are getting old doesn’t feel very well and takes some getting use to.

It’s really one thing to look good and it’s totally the other side of the spectrum when how you feel comes in to question. Which is basically every fucking morning these days. Divorce did manage to shed a few pounds that I didn’t need. Takes a good 20 minutes just to decide if i feel well or not.

Life has really slowed down and looking good really doesn’t seem to matter when most of your time is spent at home and/or in your room.

Yep, it’s definitely given me the time to think about my life and consider change. It’s given me desire to set more goals to fulfill and it made me more aware of how I act and treat others around me.

I’ve basically been given a new life. No, it’s not filled with excitement, youth or wealth. But it sure has plenty of peace and quiet and time to rest.

Being “just another gal” is what it is. Transgender doesn’t have any relevance in the topic.


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