Reasoning for my “my fund raising”

For twelve and a half years I have lived in this home and have extended my hospitality to others on need. I suffered a great loss of everything from tools, dishes, towels and plenty of household items damaged.

Three and a half years I have struggled to get rid of every irresponsible free loading individual from the premises. While suffering a severe loss. I drowned in bills which left the property in fear of a lien. I Was left with loads of garbage to rid the property of. Even a Ford 151 full of a year and a half of junk.

Take a look at the difference:


But with the pipes busted, the back deck rotting away and ungrounded wrong work. It’s going to cost. My sister in law and myself are both on SSI which pays 751.00 a month.

I’ve done the math!

You can send via PayPal:

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