Three and a half years. .

It’s been three and half years now since life made a drastic change for the better. Sometime it doesn’t always feel better but i know it is.
To see the many transformations around the household, the property and the overall atmosphere, its a less toxic and healthy environment.
Às for my neighborhood and the role i play in it, it isn’t always filled with smiles, kind words or encouragement. It’s usually negative drama that has become irrelevant to my life today.
A couple of young women who lived here for four years freeq, we’re recently thrown out in a sense when asked to get employment and help pay their way. Malinda Bailey and Camille Miederos. Instead they moved out and left my house in shamelessly filthy conditions. They took many things that were not theirs. Anyway, yesterday two detectives show up looking for her. Camille caught a DUI and is now driving without the insured srs they require. Their life is a mess. The prostitute who lived here and lost her kids has 19 counts of prostitution. People are down right lost.
Well finally finished the security issue with 24 hour cameras with indoor monitor and a lockable shop to store tools. The trash that my ex husband and free loaders left is all cleaned up. Bills are all caught up with and yes. STILL SOBER! They won’t keep this bitch down.

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