When life gets so great.

It has came to my Attention, along with many other things in my old age and new life. Wisdom? I don’t have a clue, But I’m convinced that happiness and contentment are cultivated and developed through the many decades of struggle, hardships, shattered dreams and broken commitments. And a great deal of persistence and determination.

Life is a process that with age brings about a many array of changes. How you think about things, react to things. Perspectives change. Ideas and goals.

But most importantly one can’t help but respond to all these changes by somehow finding themselves changing in little subtle ways at first and then in more drastic ways later.

This is when we truly begin to experience a great life.

I spent decades in a life filled with addictions, prostitution, the porn industry,crime and prison. Two failed marriages. And a shit load of menories.

But today i am free of addiction and sober. Healthy at 57 years old. Life is great because i came to terms with the things i could change and did. And the things i had no control over- let’s at i don’t give them much of my energy these days. I am in a wonderful relationship and in a stable place in life right now.

i literally have no need for anything at all. yes having reached this point can at times be boring. But embrace it because you earned it.

Just another gal

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