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As of feb 26th 2018 I am happily divorced from a very toxic and dangerous individual that almost destroyed my life.

He manipulated me into believing in a false sense of what love was. I no longer knew who I was and my entire existance evolved around him. He was an alcoholic, drug user and a pedophile.

November 25th this year 2018 will be three years since that man tried to ruin my life. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, and a loveless 13 year marriage.

This is what he’d do to me all the time, sometimes even dragging me from the basement room by my hair to the upstairs living room or bathroom floor. And he loved me?

I think I was manipulated and my mind was not working right at the time. How could I have lived with a monster for 13 years and believe his lies. But I did it.
And to realize now what he did to me for so long. I now know he didnt love me. Because he was attracted to YOUNG girls.

Its hard to believe that I was able to deal with all the things he put me through. I can remember waking up to him and his girly going at it in our bed next to me. And only because she looked like a little girl. He rubbed their affair in my nose, in our bed with me. taking bathes together and laying on the couch together cuddling. I was even forced to participate in their sick sexual games. To think back at how twisted he had me. Total control.
He was a drug addict, alcoholic, child molester and she was addicted to pain pills and meth.

He said he’d never leave me and loved me. But he was a pedophile and chased a young girl who he planned on leaving me for. But ended up in jail when they picked up a sixteen year old boy and took him to the mountains to have sex with him.

But as you explore my blog you will see that not only did I throw him out, taking Everything, divorced him and he got nothing but his clothes….I was the wrong woman to play that game with.

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