Back to the grind…

Damn, it felt like a Monday! Got hooked watching Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan last nite so I decided to just stay up since we get up at 3am for coffee before my Boo leaves for work. By the time he left at 5 am I was fried.

And yes I went back to bed and didn’t crawl out of it until 10:30am. The day is usually filled with the everyday mundane chores I have. So I take my time and make extra tripsgetting it all done….

I’m so happy that the entire holiday is just about over with for another year… yay! I still say give it to the kids. It’s too commercialized for me to bother. My daughter has my 11 year old grandson, so yes for her and her little family, Christmas works. For her.

My sciatic nerve is giving me a hard time, and has been for the last three mornings. I’ve had to stop doing my exercises. Doesn’t keep the music off though, just don’t get the cardio. So I think that means I’ll be on some bedrest, TV watching, napping, smoking… and just vegatating…

Retiremember has it’s downside for sure!

The *Liebster Award* is about spreading recognition and love amongst fellow bloggers!

I have exciting news to share, I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award! By everydayanomalyblog. Please go check out their blog. From what I have read this award is for small blogs in order to build community, gain recognition and simply to spread some joy throughout the blogosphere.

My original plan for my blog
was to share my rants and raves along with my life experience’s which would hopefully help others in one way or another. I’ve tried social media on many occasions and it just hasn’t worked for me. I think that this type of forum is right for me and my intent.

Here are the rules:

1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award logo.
2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you.
3. Nominate 11 blogs that you think are deserving of the award.
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Let the bloggers know of their nomination!

Here are my answers to everydayanomalyblog’s questions:

1. If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning a medal for?

A. Talking

2. Do you have a favourite book?

A. A stone for danny fisher by Harold robbins

3. When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

A. Hit the electrical breaker

4. If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what would that rule be?

A. Respect diversity

5. What’s something that you are self conscious about?

A. Getting older

6. Are you a morning person or a night person?

A. A nite person

7. What was your first job?

A. McDonald’s

8. Coffee or tea?

A. Coffee

9. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

A. Ancient rome

10. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

A. Cat

11. What are three positive attributes of yourself?

Genuine, Caring and Respectful


And finally…… My Nominees:



Sandra Lopes

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My 11 questions are:

1. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

2. What is your most valued keepsake?

3. What makes a real man or woman?

4. Your biggest pet peeve?

5. Do you think all negatives have a positive somewhere?

6. Is it Black and White or simply Gray?

7. Favorite comfort food?

8. Is music universal?

9. What is love in your own words?

10. Whats most important in life?

11. What’s the best childhood memory you have?


Actually a pretty great nite so far…

Out in the sticks, far from the city. Far from the nite-life, shucks, what a pity! But snuggling at home in this dive in the sticks, filled with tweekers, let’s not forget hicks. There’s a bald headed sexy that’s keeping things hot. Simply because he’s who he is and who he’s not!


Here at home there’s one happy lady. Straight up, real and far from shady. Her hearts been stolen and yet again, But this time around its a win, win, WIN.


Ya’all have a great one tonite. I plan on it!

Just another day, another Gal…

Nice and wet outside as well as cold. No motivation whatsoever to be outside for any reason. All the comforts are right here in my little mansion in the basement! Oh I just love my room. Boo just got done upgrading the 350 watts to 1000 so now I’m at a concert anytime I want. Have some potato soup in the crock-pot cooking since last nite. And I’m hungry. Yummmy!

And besides, I don’t really have to leave my room to see what goes on around here. I guess I’m just a tad bit on the spoiled side these days, but then why the fuck not I’ve earned it.

Just another gal, thats fortunate….

It’s a wonderful day to be me. Rainy, wet and cold. Yep, That”s me these days. As cynical and mistrusting as I have become in my old age, I still manage to take a moment from time to time to reflect on what life has dealt me and to focus on goals and where exactly I am at in regards to accomplishing them.

And I have to admit that at my age, life has been really good. I am thankful for all that has happened because if it had not took place I may not be the person that I am today. And as ugly as I am I still try and remember that in spite of how ugly other people have made me, I am after all still quite a beauty, even at my age.

I have managed to pull it off, life’s difficult tasks, and have been able to take a step backwards and take a deep breath and take hold of reality head on and make the right decisions and get my drinking together. I have managed to repair some of the damaged relationships that I have had over the past few years. although, where family is concerned, they are still missing in non-action. I no longer have a desperate need to over-react in anger and saying things I don’t mean and or can’t take back.

And I have actually met a decent man that isn’t promising the world, but is loving, understanding and supportive. He isn’t rich, but then I am not dependent on him either. we compliment one another in many aspects of life and where we don’t, we compromise.

I can honestly say without conviction that I have moved on. Sure I will never forget about the things I have had to go through before I was able to learn to be an adult.

In spite of how ugly, challenging and opinionated the worlds vast population are. I have managed to keep my head up and not be swayed in my determination to be ME!

NEVER people, will you dictate how I should look, think, feel, be and act. This is my world. I am the goddess of my world in spite of the rebellion of the rest of the people. Don’t waste any time to feel sorry for me, don’t take the time to think about how I feel. You won’t any way. And I will not be waiting. Don’t be intimidated, jealous or hurt. Because I do not make any kind of apology for being who I am. I love me! I love being me! looking like me!

On another note, I am so elated that I recently decided to start the ethinyl-estrodiol treatment again after just taking the premarin, provera for so many years, I don’t have any issue with unwanted hair growth or a barritone voice. I guess I just wanted a bump to feel ultra sexy again before I get too old. ( someday) So make sure you’re doing you and enjoy life. Don’t hate, live and let live. Because if you don’t, remember: I really don’t care about what the world thinks.


No one said it was going to be easy!

I woke up this morning feeling an overwhelming feeling of guilt and disgust and only because I drank a few beers. When I was still heavy into the drinking and began to try and get a handle on it, everytime I failed I felt guilty. Well several years later, and I can have a couple and keep it under control, but I still just can’t get over the morning guilt as if i were doing something wrong. I think I set standards that are too high for myself. But I set them just the same. I tried to explain it to my boy friend and had a hard time. The thing is this. I have always been a strong individual in everything I have had to deal with. But I’m finding out that there are times that I am overwhelmed with everything that I am currently trying to work on, my temper, my communication with others, things I can’t change, my drinking, my relationship with my daughter, etc. And the fact of the matter is this. It gets so tiring being strong all the time. Walking around with an emotionless grin, wearing your best poker face. I manage to hold it in months at a time, but as always, from time to time it manages to escape and I derail and or fall apart with all sort of emotion. Being over sensitive has always been a down fall of mine. So it makes sense that I would teach myself to just not give a shit. And for the most part I don’t. But I do. Oxymoron?

Not at all.

“I don’t care” enough to prevent me from doing or being the way I want, but I do want to be liked, I do want to have friends, but will not kiss an ass to have one. I do let what others say make me feel bad sometimes or often think because they are in a bad mood, its some how connected to me. Life isn’t easy, no one ever said it was and I realize this. Sometimes life is hard to swallow, especially in big bites.

At the end of the day I do my best to not give a shit about anyone’s opinion nor let it affect my life. Even if it means turning the other way in order to shield my vulnerable emotional head.

Today is a good day because at the end of it all….

I’m just another gal…

Explosion erupts…

I just could not hold back today and let it all out today. As some know my 27 year old daughter and her son came to live with me a year ago. And since the beginning she has done everything I have asked her not to do. Including moving a guy in she met on the Internet. She got a job, but is now supporting the guy she brought to my house. To make it worse she is getting behind on her rent and she has continued to be irresponsible with her money, even canceling her auto insurance just because she wanted to spend money.
I feel so disappointed in her, my biggest accomplishment has become my biggest failure. she hasn’t grown up and does not have the sense of responsibility and is co dependent on this boy. She comes running home to mama when things get rough then while at home makes the same mistake and brings a man to sleep in her moms living room and continue to disrespect everyone in the house including herself by trying to get pregnant, wasting her money and not paying bills or help out in the house, etc. she wasn’t raised like this. I taught her better. But she told me she has to learn the hard way. Fine, but not in my house though. We just don’t get along and she will not give me the chance to be a mother. Is it because im trans, no way! Has nothing to do with it. Parenting isn’t an easy task. I didn’t bring her home from the hospital with a manual. This has put a strain between my bf and I because he’s so tired of hearing the drama. He’s not a family man and does not Care for children. So this day went to shit and I’m still waiting for my Valium to get in. What A tired life I live.I just want it to end already, like yesterday.